Custom Carpentry

Custom (bespoke) Carpentry Design and Build and Installation Process


There are two main styles of pieces we make which are tailored to fit the style of your home. 

The Classic Shaker style which can have many variations but largely involves the doors having a panel with two stiles on the side and two rails top and bottom. 

The other style is Contemporary or Modern which does not have this picture framing around the doors. The doors are plain featureless slab-like doors. Examples are given below.

Generally speaking, Contemporary furniture often has an accompaniment  of floating shelves fixed directly into an existing wall to maintain this modern and sharp look. 

 Shaker style would usually have shelves fixed into a surround support similar to a Classic Bookshelf Design.  The two are not mutually exclusive though and if unsure, we will advise you on our site survey what may work best aesthetically for your space.


Once we have made your Wardrobe or Dresser our team will deliver and install it for you.

Depending on the size of the project will advise in advance of purchase of the lead time for delivery and the number of days we may require for installation. 

During our site survey we can answer any questions and will take width length and height measurement of any doorways, openings and stairwells we may have to negotiate in order to ensure your furniture is installed in the same pristine condition in which it leaves our Workshops.